Advantages Of Qizhong Dispensing Robot

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Dispensing robot are used in electronic equipment manufacturing, especially in semiconductor electronic components and LCD fields. It can be said that it is an indispensable manufacturing equipment in electronic product manufacturing. In traditional manufacturing, manual dispensing is usually used when dispensing, which is not only inefficient, but also can not effectively ensure the accuracy and qualification rate. With the birth of the dispensing equipment, the dispensing work will be handed over to the machine, which not only improves the working efficiency, but also improves the quality of glue coating. Now I will introduce the advantages and features of the equipment.

Advantages Of Qizhong Dispensing Robot

1. Continuous production

The 24-hour automation of automatic dispensing machine can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, avoid complex manual operation, slow speed, error prone and other problems, and meet the needs of mass production.

2. Mechanized production instead of manual work

The technical requirements for operators are low. The traditional manual dispensing will make it more difficult to control the overall quality due to the inconsistent operation steps of each person, resulting in unstable quality of the products produced. If the automatic dispensing machine can effectively control the dispensing amount, and the error is less than manual work, there will be no uneven product quality caused by different personnel proficiency, which ensures the stability of a batch of products. By changing the production process, it can be put into production quickly and conveniently.

3. Accurately control the dispensing amount

It can control the time and amount of glue, accurately control the amount of glue used, reduce the waste of glue, save costs, and ensure the consistency and quality of dispensing. The automatic dispensing machine adopts an advanced positioning system. The speed and position of clicking during dispensing are more accurate than manual dispensing. It can repeat dispensing, and the precision of repeated dispensing is very high, which can ensure the accuracy of dispensing.

4. Greatly reduce the harm of distributed materials to human body

The automatic glue dispenser can dispense glue in a closed space, which can reduce the damage to human body caused by toxic substances, reduce labor intensity, and reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents.

5. Dispenser is widely used

It is applicable to a variety of glues and industries (such as glues: silica gel, conductive glue, black glue, AB glue, UV glue, crystal glue, epoxy resin, red glue, etc.). It is also widely applicable in the industry, including circuit boards, mobile phone shells, lights, mobile phone keys, speakers, speakers, stereo, bulb lights, adapters, etc.)

6. Stable structure and compact shape

The operator of the automatic dispensing machine can command the automatic dispensing machine to perform the automatic dispensing operation at any time through the intelligent control system, so that the dispensing process is smooth and the finished product is beautiful and flawless, the processing effect of glue wire drawing and fluid bubbles is faster and more perfect, and the structure of the automatic dispensing machine is more rigorous.

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