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  • Dispensing Syringe Barrel Adapters & Accessories QZ7SQ

  • Brand: Qizhong Dispensing
  • Model: QZ7SQ
  • Origin: NingBo CHINA
  • Shipping Terms: EXW/FOB/C&F
  • Delivery Time: 5 work day (Except for customization)
  • Service: Recommend suitable glue
  • Experience: More than 10 years experience in dispensing industry

Dispensing Syringe Barrel Adapters & Accessories provide a convenient quick connect to the controller from the syringe barrel. Tubes, safety clips, fluid filter traps, and o-rings also available.

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Spec Materials
3CCQuality plastic cover
5CCQuality plastic cover
10CCQuality plastic cover
30CCQuality plastic cover
55CCQuality plastic cover
100CCQuality plastic cover
200CCQuality plastic cover
300CCQuality plastic cover
500CCQuality plastic cover
1. Special consumables for supporting equipment: make the equipment play the best working state and process effect.
2. High-quality material selection: avoid the unsatisfactory equipment application process caused by the defects of consumables.
Advantages To The Business
1. Alleviate the common problem of difficulty in recruiting workers in many production-oriented enterprises, and replace some manual gluing processes.
2. The equipment is equivalent to being a skilled worker from the beginning, and no longer worry about cultivating a skilled worker.
3. Solve the gluing process that cannot be achieved manually, and help break through the bottleneck of product process (such as product gluing precision, uniformity, consistency, etc.).
4. Help to improve the production capacity and quality of enterprise products, and can realize batch replication.
1. Desktop Dispensing Robot is guaranteed for three years.
2. 24-hour online services.
3. Lifelong service of equipment best price replace parts.
4. Provide free gluing sample service before sale.
5. Recommended supporting automation process solutions.
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