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  • Desktop Industrial Robot With Automatic Alignment QZ331ZT-S

  • Brand: Qizhong Dispensing
  • Model: QZ331ZT-S
  • Origin: NingBo CHINA
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  • Experience: More than 10 years experience in dispensing industry

After the replacement of accessories and consumables, the deviation of the needle can be automatically corrected, which greatly saves the production time of changing glue and adding glue.It is suitable for most high-precision micro-dispensing processes such as glue, lubricating oil, paint, and ink on the market.It also supports CAD image conversion and import auxiliary programming.

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Gluing Effect
Gluing Video
1. 30CC/55CC syringe storage method: suitable for most of the glue, lubricant, paint, ink and other high-precision micro-dispensing processes on the market.

2. High-precision digital display glue volume controller: After more than 10 years of stable application, it ensures the stability of the machine in glue volume control and is suitable for micro-precision dispensing process.

3. All-aluminum profile frame: The batch mold opening process ensures the consistency of the machine and the weight of the profile ensures the stability of the machine.

4. Programming teaching box (supports automatic needle alignment function): Any graphic trajectory on the same plane can be edited through commands such as point/line/arc, and it also supports CAD image conversion and import auxiliary programming.

Advantages To The Business
1. Alleviate the common problem of difficulty in recruiting workers in many production-oriented enterprises, and replace some manual gluing processes.

2. The equipment is equivalent to being a skilled worker from the beginning, and no longer worry about cultivating a skilled worker.

3. Solve the gluing process that cannot be achieved manually, and help break through the bottleneck of product process (such as product gluing precision, uniformity, consistency, etc.).

4. Help to improve the production capacity and quality of enterprise products, and can realize batch replication.

Technical Parameters
Maximum Speed (X&Y/Z)300 x 300 x 100mm
Body Dimensions600 x 600 x 600mm
Distance between Z-axis and worktable100mm
Workbench size200mm*150mm(W/D), M4 Hole Position, 40mm*40mm Spacing
Industrial MovementX/Y/Z three-axis three-linkage
Drive SystemPrecision micro-stepping motor and Stepper drive
Transmission MethodTiming Belt/ Precision Linear Guides
Safety ProtectionPhotoelectric Sensor
Edit ProgrammingHandheld Programmer
Program File NameNumbers and letters
Operation interfaceChinese (Simplified)/English, freely switchable
Interpolation FunctionPoint/line/line segment/arc/full circle/3D trajectory, etc.
TestSeparate Button
I/O Signals14 inputs / 10 outputs
XY/Z Maximum Load10kg/3kg
Equipment PowerLess than 500W
Power SupplyAC220V±10%/AC,50/60Hz
Air supply requirements0.5~0.7Mpa, Dry air source
Environment Temperature0 ~40℃
1. Desktop Dispensing Robot is guaranteed for three years.
2. 24-hour online services.
3. Lifelong service of equipment best price replace parts.
4. Provide free gluing sample service before sale.
5. Recommended supporting automation process solutions.
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