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  • Screw Pump Type Glue Filling Robot With Two Component Mixing & Dispensing QZL551LAB-A

  • Brand: Qizhong Dispensing
  • Model: QZL551LAB-A
  • Origin: NingBo CHINA
  • Shipping Terms: EXW/FOB/C&F
  • Delivery Time: 5 work day (Except for customization)
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  • Experience: More than 10 years experience in dispensing industry

The equipment can realize the functions of automatic pumping, automatic stirring, automatic vacuum defoaming, automatic proportioning, automatic mixing and quantitative glue dispensing for AB double-liquid glue, and adopts screw pump metering method to make the glue dispensing ratio more accurate and stable. , The matching automatic three-axis motion mechanism can realize automatic quantitative glue filling operation at any position in the same plane.

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1. Customized all-stainless steel storage tank: Customize the capacity according to the amount of glue used in the product and the glue ratio requirements, and have functions such as automatic stirring, heating and heat preservation, air drying, and high and low liquid level detection.
2. Precise metering of screw pump type: According to the process requirements such as glue viscosity and glue discharge speed, the rotor and accessories with corresponding displacement are matched.
3. Stable glue discharge: The servo screw method has accurate repeated measurement, continuous and stable glue discharge, no pulse fluctuation, and the servo motor drives the screw pump respectively, so that the speed of each pump body can be individually set to make the AB double-liquid glue in the required proportion. automatic proportioning
4. Supporting cleaning device: put the cleaning agent into the special storage tank for cleaning, and automatically flush the hose and valve through the control panel setting operation
5. AB double-liquid dynamic mixing valve: After automatic proportioning, the AB double-liquid glue flows into the glue valve for automatic mixing and quantitative glue discharge, and the dynamic stirring method is used to make the AB double-liquid glue mixing more fully
6. Three-axis gantry-type servo screw motion mechanism: with high load and high position accuracy, it can better ensure the stability of the movement of the equipment in the automatic glue filling operation.
Advantages To The Business
1. Alleviate the common problem of difficulty in recruiting workers in many production enterprises at present, and replace part of the artificial proportioning glue and glue filling process.
2. The equipment is equivalent to being a skilled worker from the beginning, no longer worrying about cultivating a skilled worker.
3. Solve the precise proportion of glue and glue filling process that cannot be achieved manually, and help to break through the bottleneck of product process.
4. Help improve the production capacity and quality of enterprise products, and can achieve batch replication.
Technical Parameters
Moving Range500 x 500 x 150mm(customizable)
Industrial MovementX/Y/Z three-axis three-linkage
Drive SystemPanasonic Servo Motors and Panasonic Servo Drives
Transmission MethodTBI precision ball screw and precision linear guide
Safety ProtectionPhotoelectric Sensor
Edit ProgrammingHandheld Programmer
Program File NameNumbers and letters
Operation interfaceChinese (Simplified)/English, freely switchable
Interpolation FunctionPoint/line/line segment/arc/full circle/3D trajectory, etc.
TestSeparate Button
Storage DeviceAll stainless steel storage tank (can be customized)
Adding glueAutomatic glue extraction (vacuum suction) or funnel filling
Liquid level detectionUpper and lower liquid level alarm
Vacuum defoamingMatching vacuum pump
Stirring deviceThe motor with stirrer blade automatically stirs to prevent the glue from settling
Air source dryingOil-water separator + air desiccant (to prevent glue from crystallizing)
Hose materialTeflon high pressure tube
Metering methodScrew pump
Drive modeServo motor
Mixing ratio1:1~10:1(customizable
Glue flow rateCustomizable
Mixed wayDynamic blending (or optional static blending)
temperature control20℃~100℃ adjustable
Operation methodTouch screen and buttons
Air source requirements0.5~0.7Mpa,Dry air source
Power RequirementsAC220V±10%/AC,50/60Hz
Environment Temperature0 ~40℃
1. Desktop Dispensing Robot is guaranteed for three years.
2. 24-hour online services.
3. Lifelong service of equipment best price replace parts.
4. Recommended supporting automation process solutions.
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