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  • AB Double Liquid Dispensing Valve With Suck Back QZJ600AB

  • Brand: Qizhong Dispensing
  • Model: QZJ600AB
  • Origin: NingBo CHINA
  • Shipping Terms: EXW/FOB/C&F
  • Delivery Time: 5 work day (Except for customization)
  • Service: Recommend suitable glue
  • Experience: More than 10 years experience in dispensing industry

AB Double Liquid Dispensing Valve is suitable for conventional 1:1-1:2 medium and low viscosity double-liquid AB glue on the market, and has the function of suction lock glue without dripping. It is used in semiconductor packaging, PCB electronic parts fixing and protection, mobile phone, notebook shell bonding, LCD glass substrate packaging, LED dispensing, optical lens dispensing and packaging, auto parts coating, chip bonding, hardware parts coating and bonding, battery packaging, speaker dispensing, quantitative liquid filling and other processes.

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