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With the improvement of the degree of automation in the major manufacturing industry, many steps that originally required a lot of manual operation began to be replaced by automatic mechanical equipment, which includes the operation of the dispensing machine. After the automatic dispensing equipment replaces the manual dispensing, not only greatly saves the manpower, but also greatly provides the dispensing efficiency, and the workers need to do is only to do a good job of debugging the automatic dispensing equipment. So, for the first time to use the automatic dispensing machine, how to debug?

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1, Automatic dispensing machine needle selection

The diameter of the needle inside the automatic dispensing machine should be selected and 1/2 of the diameter of the glue point. In dispensing work, the appropriate dispensing needle can be selected according to the size of the product, and the appropriate needle should be selected for different sizes of products. The dispensing amount of the automatic dispenser is 0.005 ml less than the standard amount, and the inner diameter of the stainless steel needle is 0.1 mm.

2, Automatic dispensing machine glue time setting

The setting of the dispensing amount should be 1/2 of the product spacing, to ensure that there is enough dispensing amount paste components, to prevent too much glue leakage. The dispensing amount of the automatic dispenser can be adjusted by the dispensing time of the dispenser, and the dispensing amount and the dispensing time can be adjusted according to the specific situation in practical production.

3. Setting the pressure of the automatic dispensing machine

The amount of glue out of the dispenser is provided by the controller to the pressure of the hose and the needle. The pressure of the dispenser determines the amount of glue and the speed of dispensing. Too strong pressure is prone to problems such as glue ejection, so as to affect the appearance of the product, too weak pressure will appear uneven glue and leakage point phenomenon, thus affecting the quality of products.

According to the above content, you can know that the debugging of automatic dispenser, first of all, according to the size of the product and glue point, choose the right size of the needle, and then according to the demand for glue point, set the appropriate glue time and pressure, to control the amount of glue and glue speed of each dispensing. In order to make the automatic dispensing machine to achieve the dispensing effect and better dispensing rate.

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