Why can't the dispenser needle be reused?

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1. If the dispensing machine needle is reused, it will be mixed for many times. The repeated use of the dispensing machine needle will pollute the entire manufacturing process because of the overlapping pollution of the glue of different production batches or the dry granules formed when it is re applied. Try the solution used to clean the needle, which will cause the outer wall residue to form in the center of the needle or the inner pipe of the needle. When using a water bath for cleaning, water will retain water and thus mix with glue to affect the quality of the target product for dispensing.

2. Blockage of the dispensing machine needle will cause a small amount of dry solids to remain in the needle. (When the needle is pulled from the needle cylinder or valve, the glue inside the needle will be exposed to the light.) Only one needle has In the 033 "small hole, the human eye usually cannot see through 50 microns or the fine spots or thin coating below. If the dispensing needle is reused, resulting in some solvent accumulation, the fluid fluidity will be significantly reduced.

Why can't the dispenser needle be reused?

In combination with the above situations, it is recommended not to reuse the dispensing machine needle to avoid a certain degree of impact on production stability.

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