Advantages and disadvantages of dispensing machine valve

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In the era of electronic technology, different electronic products will appear every day. While pursuing precision and portability, all kinds of electronic products have become increasingly demanding in the process of production. The automatic dispensing machine is used to apply, encapsulate and drip electronic glue, oil or other liquids onto the product, so that the product can play the role of sticking, encapsulating, insulating, fixing and smoothing the surface. It is widely used in electronics, lighting, automobile and other industries. The dispensing valve is an important unit used to complete dispensing action on the automatic dispensing machine. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of the dispensing valve to improve production efficiency and product quality. Here are the characteristics of several commonly used dispensing valves for your reference!

Advantages and disadvantages of dispensing machine valve

Pneumatic dispensing valve

Advantages of pneumatic point rubber valve: simple structure, low cost, simple operation and maintenance.

Pneumatic point rubber valve is applicable to various liquids and oils with different fluidity and viscosity (Including: silica gel, red glue, yellow glue, white latex, crystal glue, anaerobic glue, silicon glue, insulating glue, solder paste, AB glue, UV glue, epoxy resin, lubricating oil, silicone oil, butter, paint, alcohol, oil, etc. At present, it has been widely used in electronic products, buttons, LED, LCD, switches, home appliances, batteries, transformers, golf balls, coils, cameras, motors, medical equipment, watches, keyboards and mice, etc : bonding, grouting, coating, sealing, filling, dispensing, line/circle/arc gluing, etc.

Injection valve

Advantages of injection valve

1. Contactless dispensing technology;

2. Solved the problems of traditional valves: wire drawing and gold pressing;

3. The height shall be kept at 1~3.5 mm without Z-axis movement (fast);

4. The stability is equivalent to the quality and screw valve.

Disadvantages of injection valve

1. Expensive;

2. It is only suitable for products with small amount of glue, and it is not suitable for products with large size and large amount of glue.

Screw valve

Advantages of screw valve:  high dispensing accuracy, capable of high viscosity fluid, and good three-dimensional dispensing stability.

Disadvantages of screw valve:

1. It is not suitable for low viscosity fluids, and dispensing speed is relatively slow;

2. If there are many or large particles in the fluid, the screw is easy to wear, which affects its service life.

Metering valve

Advantages of metering valve

1. Through regular switching of ceramic core (tungsten steel core), the filling and dispensing actions can be completed repeatedly with good repeatability, which is suitable for continuous production in large quantities;

2. The dispensing accuracy is relatively high, the dispensing efficiency and speed are high, and the cost is relatively low.

Disadvantages of metering valve

1. Not suitable for fluids with high point viscosity;

2. It is not suitable for products with very small size.

It can be seen from the above that to understand the advantages and disadvantages of dispensing valves, we can judge from the aspects of speed, control ability, stability, price and cost. The above four dispensing valves all have their own characteristics. When selecting, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the actual situation of the product, the glue properties, the accuracy requirements, and the production capacity requirements, and select the appropriate dispensing valve to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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